As a veterinarian, regulatory specialist and advocate for the profession,  I understand
            the unique needs of the veterinary practice. My OSHA materials are guaranteed to be the most
            current and accurate compliance products for our profession.
            Click the links at left for manual and training services offered by mail or download.

            Or I will personally come to you for the setup of your regulatory needs.
            My services don't end when you receive your materials. I am here for you and your staff
                                                                    24/7 for your questions if you use our products.

                                                                    Worried about dealing with an OSHA inspection alone? You don't have to!
                                                       As your OSHA consultant I can be there to handle the inspection and protect your rights and assets.

                                                                    Call 865-405-4255 or email (link below) to ask about our on-site consulting packages.
                                                      Kendrick Technical is the number one regulatory consultant company nationwide for  
                                                      veterinary practices, zoos, research facilities and animal shelters.


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